Our wide headband, the Head Hugger.
Made from an evolving selection of fabrics that are sourced from other small businesses.  
One size fits most. Can be folded and scrunched for different looks and a perfect fit. Pull it on and go! One of our most popular products. Great for everyday use. Our customers rave about them for workout and yoga too. Customers with 'slip issues' swear by them! 
They also double as a neck warmer or cowl.  The only headband you will ever need or want!
DISCOUNT CODES: 3 head huggers for 30.00 enter code 3pack at checkout
                                   6 head huggers for 60.00 enter code 6pack at checkout
                                   9 head huggers for 90.00 enter code 9pack at checkout
                                  13 head huggers for 120.00 enter code 12pack at checkout